Spamish – Yes – SPAMISH Referrers?

How come…great English, I know …but, how come when I log into my dashboard here and check my stats and then got to Referrers… it shows what appears to be spam links.  I’ve clicked some of them and they have nothing to do with my blog, any of the topics, etc. but I’m getting traffic from them?? EH????  I don’t get it.  See below – any insight?


SO HERE IS THE DEALIO…Wordpress is aware of the problem and is trying to filter them out.  See my comments for a thread on this.  I’ve changed the links below so that no one clicks them.

People clicked links from these pages to get to your site.


Referrer Views
bitblachblachblach 4
en.wordpressblachblachblach 1
Total views referred by links to your blog 7

5 thoughts on “Spamish – Yes – SPAMISH Referrers?

  1. These links come from automated spam bots. The owners hope that your referrer list is public so that others (and search engine crawlers) will see the links and direct traffic to their spam sites.

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