Four…just four?

I’m slackin’!  I know. Can’t it be a post every other day or so…or so, or so?  No…I’m really trying though!

Four Turn Offs:

1.  Nose and ear hair.  Gross. No, really, really, really gross.

2.  Being cornered, literally.  I used to get backed up into a corner by my ex who was 6’4″, 240, while he would shout down at me into my face.  I’m now claustrophobic due to this.  Feeling like I’m in a tight place, the covers are too tight around me, etc. etc. etc. makes me really uncomfortable.

3.  Smells. Bad smells, too strong smells, smelly smells.  Smells.

4.  Feeling fat.  If I’m not feeling good about me, I ain’t feeling it for anyone else.


3 thoughts on “Four…just four?

  1. So, was it a coincidence that the advertisement under your most recent blog was for Odor Shield Body Wash? For those smelly smells?? LOL

    Good on you for keeping after the writing. It’s a real task!!

    And, me too…. just say no to nose and ear hair. *gag*

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