9 More Things, but First a Word from Our Sponsor

How many of you are doing this now?  The meme thing?  I got through my first list yesterday. I never do those things “25 Things People Don’t Know About You.” I don’t want you to know for a reason, or you’d know; and if you do know already, then you’re supposed to know. Gabish? But this meme thing intrigued me for some reason, it was so different. It intrigued you all as well because lo and behold I had the second biggest read day since I started. I get it, you all like it when I get dark and deep. I hear ya – I like reading that kind of thing to. I’ll see what I can do about that while trying to keep us all comfortable at the same time.  Believe me, that burgeoning draft pile I have going on would make us all a little uncomfortable if I published it!  Trust me.

Anyway, an interesting thing happened after the husband read my post yesterday.  He thought about four of them were directed at him.  There was only one about him actually, which he nailed.  I had to know which ones he thought were his so I made him go through the list one by one.  He is officially the only person who knows, for certain, who the list is really for.  Not because I had to tell him, but because I wanted to tell him.  He would have been fine if I didn’t tell him, by the way.  PS – Honey, if you think that you have some of those qualities that I was referring to, or perhaps we’ve got some of those issues, you’re probably right…hmm…maybe we should discuss this further … and CHILLAX, you know which one is yours, the rest are not! xxoo

9 things about me

1.   I have a hard time expressing myself while speaking, fighting, discussing anything with anyone sometimes – this is why I like to write so much.  Besides the fact that I have a very animated imagination that begs to be heard sometimes.

2.  I love to fish.  No, I mean I really love to fish.  Maybe not as much as certain members of my “out”lawed family, but I do love it just the same.  Freshwater fishing in particular.  The powers that be are trying to get me to go deep sea fishing again.  Not gonna happen unless I can see the shoreline for the entire trip.

3.  I’m afraid of falling – not heights – just falling from a high place.

4.  My brain does not kick into full gear until late in the afternoon.  What can I say, I have vampiric circadian rythyms.

5.  Ancient Cultures fascinate me; as do aliens; physics; bible prophecies; aliens in bible prophecies; ruins of any kind; mystery spots…I could go on and on.   Google away, there is just a plethora of stuff out there on all of this.

6. I love learning new things and have a knack at teaching myself how to do what piques my interest at the moment.

7.  I get bored really easily.

8.  I have had migraines since I was 12 and have learned to stave them off by doing meditation – I have taught my son how to control them in this fashion as well.  I wish more people would listen to their bodies and not assume a pill will fix everything.

9.  On the flip side of the above, the only thing that keeps my other son alive on a daily basis, besides vigilance and care, are the two pills he takes every night.  That has been the hardest pill for me to swallow thus far.

And there you have it folks.


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